INDIANAPOLIS — To prepare you for the game, the Colts are launching a new clothing line with a local connection.

The team partnered with Indiana-based clothier and retailer “Hang Time Indy.” The Colts will unveil the “Hang Time” apparel line, a collection that combines sports with fashion and culture, this weekend.

Colts will be in action Sunday against the New Orleans Saints at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Merchandise will be available beginning Sat., Oct. 28, at 11 a.m. Fans can order online on the Colts Team Shop or visit the Team Shop in person.

Gear will also be available at Indianapolis Hang Time retail locations (11 E. 38th St. and 5660 Georgetown Rd.).

“The inspiration behind this collection was the intersection between the retro look of 90s sports, art, and fashion with the look of streetwear brands today,” Hang Time’s owner, Monty Ramadan, said in a release. “Working with the Colts has always been a dream, and we’re honored and humbled to show the city of Indianapolis and Colts fans everywhere who Hang Time is.”

Hang Time Indy is a minority-owned business based in Indianapolis that offers a unique spin on classic Colts logos and imagery inspired by retro streetwear, sneakers, art and music.