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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Polly Templeton has worked for ESL Spectrum almost as long as she’s been a Colts fan.

“We’ve been Colts fans since they came here, 1984.”

Her bosses had the idea to reward her 30 years of hard work with a trip.

“Obviously, you only stay with a company that long once in a lifetime, so we wanted to make this a once in a lifetime experience,” ESL Spectrum owner Randy Belden said.

Knowing Polly’s loyalty to the Colts was as strong as her loyalty to the company, the Colts upcoming game in London created the perfect surprise.

They asked her to join them to join them at a job site and scope out some lighting at Fountain Square’s Thunderbird restaurant. That provided the setting for a surprise party marking her 30th anniversary with the company. Her husband and son were on hand. But the celebration didn’t stop there. Her bosses handed her an envelope.

“I opened it and I was crying so hard I couldn’t read it. I could see Colts, London, 2016, and that’s all I saw,” Polly recalled, still filled with emotion.

A surprise not only for Polly but also her husband of 30 years,Todd.

“It’s just an opportunity that we didn’t think we’d ever get to experience,” Todd said.

With the trip paid for by her bosses and Bullseye Event group handling all the logistics, Polly can focus on the important things.

“All I have to worry about is all my Colts gear,” Polly said smiling. “That’s it!”

Polly is still overwhelmed at her bosses’ generosity.

“I still cry about it,” she admitted.

Polly’s husband and bosses agree that it was well deserved.

“I’m with the belief that if you work hard you will reap the rewards. And she works hard,” Todd said, beaming with pride. “It is a nice gift, but I look at it as she’s earned it.”

“I still can’t believe it and i don’t know if I’m going to believe it until I get there. Until I’m actually in London with the Colts,” Polly said with a grin.

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