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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – “Do you remember that game we played four years ago?”

Former Colts linebacker D’Qwell Jackson asks this question in an open letter to Tom Brady read on Twitter via the username @uninterrupted.

The question appears innocuous, but it should stir some deflating memories for the six-time Super Bowl champion quarterback.

“You sent Gronk (tight end Rob Gronkowski) on a seam route down the middle, and I picked it off,” continued Jackson. “Boy did that feel so good.

“I was already visualizing where I was going to place that football on my mantle.”

But then Jackson gets to the point of his letter.

“Here’s the (expletive) up part: I never got my ball back,” Jackson stated. “The NFL said it was deflated. Then Bill Belichick and Bill Nye The Science Guy had a (expletive) contest over PSI levels.

“Roger Goodell probably has my (expletive) football on his (expletive) mantle.”

Jackson’s tone, though full of choice words, is not one of anger, but is that of a man who simply wants his trophy.

He closes with a plea to Brady, “I’m asking you man to man, father to father, please help me get my football back.

“Boy, do I feel inflated.”

You can watch the full reading straight from D’Qwell below. The video contains several expletives.