INDIANAPOLIS – Zionsville sophomore wide receiver Eugene Hilton has one goal this season.

“Just show people what I can do,” Eugene Hilton said. “A lot of people just overlook me, because of my dad.”

His father is longtime Colts’ pass catcher and fan favorite T.Y. Hilton.

“He’s been able to help me and I feel very comfortable just coming to him if I ever need something,” said Eugene.

On and off the football field.

“I worked very hard during the offseason with my dad and my trainer,” Eugene told us before an Eagles’ practice. “It was a bunch of speed training, footwork drills, just making sure my cuts are very smooth.”

“Whenever I can get him under my wing, I always show him the ropes,” said T.Y. Hilton. “How to get in and out of breaks quicker, how to use his hands to beat press coverage, just showing him the little things that help him become great.”

“He’s a kid that’s always wanting to work,” said Zionsville head coach Scott Turnquist. “When they’re better people than players, then they’re able to handle that and their kids learn from them. Eugene is a great example of a kid who’s experienced that. That goes back to not just him personally, but the way he’s raised. His family.”

Eugene’s heard his share of trash talk from opposing fans over the years.

“The Westfield game I dropped one pass,” Eugene said. “They were like ‘just like daddy’ and that really took me to another level. I went off.”

For some, the chirps could get annoying, but for Eugene, it’s fuel to the fire.

“I like it,” said Eugene Hilton. “It helps and makes me more aggressive.”

“He’s used those kinds of things as motivation as opposed to things that could drag him down,” Turnquist said. “That’s a testament to him and his family.”

“Guys are going to come after you just because of who daddy is,” said T.Y. Hilton. “He knows that and I told him that. You just have to go out there and continue to put on a show and show them you have a name for yourself.”