INDIANAPOLIS – Of the many food offerings at Lucas Oil Stadium, none has created the same stir as Grover Stewart’s “Kitchen Sink Wings”.

“Coming off of the success of ‘Hard Knocks’, Sodexo asked what if we worked with Grover to get the wings sold at the stadium,” said Colts vice president of marketing Stephanie Pemberton. “Everybody’s been reaching out to taste them and I tell them to come out to the stadium.”

Stewart first shared the recipe for his famous wings while cooking for team’s on HBOs “Hard Knocks” last season. It’s been his go to for years.

“Through college that’s when I was really putting together the recipe and I found the right one,” Stewart said. “You got to have a little crispy on the outside. Garlic, all seasoning, lemon pepper, the basics.”

And of course some secret ingredients.

“Food is a huge part of our players lives, cooking, said Pemberton. “I think Grover was so excited to share that with the fans, because it is one family.”

The wings are available at the concession stand in section 118. They could become a permanent menu item next season.