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ST. PAUL, Minn. – For most football fans, Tom Brady was the headliner at Super Bowl LII media day at the Xcel Energy Center Monday night.

But in Indianapolis, the main attraction was Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, who is expected to be hired as the Colts new head coach after Sunday’s game.

“That’s been a dream of mine forever,” McDaniels said.  “My dad’s been a football coach all my life.  I grew up around the game and I wanted to coach.  I’d play as long as I could, but I’m not very big.  I’m not very fast.  I’m not very good.  I knew I was going to end up being a coach somewhere, somehow.  I always wanted to just continue to get better and whatever the cards held for me, that’s great.”

McDaniels was candid during his hour with the media, saying the head coaching interview process has been handled the proper way.  He added it will work out the way it’s supposed to, but not until after the Super Bowl.

“My job is to try to do the best I can at the job that I have,”  said McDaniels.  “Then make the right decision for my family.”

Former Colts wide receiver, Phillip Dorsett who was traded to New England before the season started is impressed with McDaniels’ ability.

“He’s a great coach,” Dorsett told Indy Sport Central.  “His attention to detail, the way he game plans and the match-ups he creates for not just receivers, but running backs and tight ends is amazing.”

McDaniels says he believes he’s ready for a second chance to be a head coach after a failed stint in Denver from 2009-10.

“I know I haven’t reached my potential as an individual coach,”  McDaniels said.  “Whether that’s coaching a position, a coordinator designing it and calling it, making adjustments and working with our staff.  All of those things everyday, you can get better.  I’ll never reach that ceiling.  I understand that, but that gives you something to keep shooting for each year.”

ESPN NFL insider John Clayton also thinks McDaniels will be more successful with his second opportunity.

“He didn’t know what he didn’t know,” Clayton said.  “Josh, and maybe because he’s worked with Bill Belichick, may not have been the best people person.  He’s a good person, but his social skills and his coaching interaction with his players weren’t good.  Over the last couple of years, that’s changed.  I think the second time around, he’s going to be better.  He’s learned.”

Clayton added that he thinks as long as Andrew Luck is healthy, McDaniels is going to be good for the quarterback.

“I think what’s going to be kind of fun is watching Andrew do some of the college stuff that he really didn’t do at Stanford,” said Clayton.  “It’s not like he’s going to be doing constant read options.  That’s not going to happen, but what he’s going to be able to do is some of the smart things that Josh has been building.”

“Josh’s doing this with Tom Brady, probably the greatest quarterback of all-time, but there’s no mobility.  You are faster than Tom Brady running,”  Clayton joked.  “Andrew’s good throwing the football and he can move.  He’s going to do some good things with Josh.”

The Colts can officially hire McDaniels after Super Bowl LII.