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Upon arriving in Indianapolis last winter, Linda Reich was eager to get involved in the community.

“We really put it to prayer quite frankly because it’s really, it’s a big deal,” the wife of Colts Head Coach Frank Reich said. “I really want to, now that my children are older, be an advocate for someone else’s children.”

With Frank focused on his first season as head coach, Linda’s faith led her to a local organization dedicated to a serious issue many try to avoid, sex trafficking.

“When I got here, three people that I met said something to me about Ascent 121, three different people,” Linda explained.

Ascent 121 is a faith-based organization that provides recovery to local trafficking victims.

“And it’s something that we, with the platform god has given us can really make an impact,” she added.

The mother of three was shocked to learn how many kids it affects.

“Estimated 32 billion dollar industry in sex trafficking in the united states alone, that’s second only to drug trafficking,” she said.

Linda tells me this cause is one many people are reluctant to speak openly about, and that’s why she knew her voice could make a difference.

“It’s been pressing upon my heart but i have kind of ignored it, and I think most people do,” Linda admitted. “I mean it’s a heinous subject that people don’t like to think about and talk about. I mean who wants to talk about that? It’s not something you bring up at a dinner party or even at a church.”

Linda hopes her partnership with Ascent 121 will spark others to be voices for those young victims.

“First and foremost just creating awareness that Ascent 121 is doing an amazing job, and i just want to help them and be part of helping children who are highly at-risk and traumatized.”