INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– After a disappointing tie to the Houston Texans last week, the Colts will travel to Jacksonville Sunday to face the Jaguars.

While it wasn’t the start to the season many fans were hoping for, some of the team’s biggest cheerleaders say it’s no reason to lost optimism just yet. 

“We’re die-hard Colts fans, it doesn’t matter,” said Perry Fiscus, one of the directors of the Indy Blue Crew. “We’ll cheer for them anyway.”

Perhaps no one loves the Colts or tailgating more than the Indy Blue Crew. They arrive at Lucas Oil Stadium by 7 a.m. on game days, dressed in head-to-toe blue and white, ready to cheer on their beloved colts.

The blue crew has been around for almost 23 years and have several hundred members.

They host events, like an annual bar crawl and tailgates of course, but also do a lot of good in our community.

They’re hosting a special fundraiser coming up for lupus and have plans to pay tribute to Indiana Task Force One. Details have not yet been announced.

Ficscus says despite the tough start to the season, he’s not losing optimism about the season.

“We always seem to lose our first game anyway so we start in the hole,” Fiscus said. “But we’ve got Matt Ryan now and even though he struggled at the start, he pulled it together and played well down the stretch. There’s a lot of optimism. I think we do have a good team around Ryan this year so plenty of reason for optimism right now.”

The Blue Crew is open to any fan! Click here to learn more.

The colts face off against the Jaguars Sunday at 1 p.m.