INDIANAPOLIS – When CBS4/FOX59 first introduced fans to Parks Frazier, he was assistant to the head coach, helping Frank Reich with practice plans and making the play-call sheets.

He had one goal.

“Be an NFL head coach,” Frazier said in 2018. “We’ll see. Obviously, there’s not many of them. It’s very hard to become one. You have to shoot high.”

Now he’s one step closer to that dream, making his debut as the play-caller for the Colts on Sunday in Las Vegas.

“I’m confident in my abilities,” said Frazier on Thursday at the team complex. “I’m never going to say that I have all the answers because I don’t think anybody has all the answers and this is what I told the guys, ‘I’m going to work my tail off though to find them.’ That’s all that I can do, is say I’m going to give you my best. That’s what I bring to the table.”

He’ll try to bring an aggressive style of play-calling back to the Colts’ offense.

“Aggressive can look a lot of different ways, right?” Frazier said. “You can run the ball and be aggressive in your own way. I don’t want to get into any details, obviously competitively, but I’m still an aggressive thinker in the way that I think and I think that on the attack is our mission as an offense.”

As someone who was so close to Reich and former offensive coordinator Marcus Brady, it’s a bittersweet feeling to get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

“We’ve been through a lot of things in the last couple weeks,” said Frazier. “On the flip side, an opportunity has been presented that I’m ready to take by the horns. Mixed emotions, but I’m ready for the opportunity.”

Frazier has been in the coaches’ box all season during games and will stay up there to help see the whole field and spread out his call sheets.