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Shaun Busick started Monday’s practice sharing a text message with his team he received just hours after capturing Zionsville’s first sectional title since 1995.

It was from a guy who cut down the nets on that ‘95 squad, Brad Stevens.

“That night very late after he found out about it, he sent me a text and a shout-out to our kids,” Busick said of the message. “Very proud and said he’d be following us from afar.”

“For him to come and check on us, and even think about us is pretty amazing, and I didn’t even realize he does that,” Zionsville junior guard Isaiah Thompson said.

Stevens is part of another piece of history that will likely soon be rewritten.

Thompson is just 12 points shy of the school’s  all-time scoring record, currently held by the Boston Celtics head coach, which was also mentioned in that text message.

“The fact that Brad was excited about the record and his record being broken says a lot about Brad,” Busick said. “A lot of guys don’t want their record to be broken but Brad’s about the community and about our team.”

“That would be an amazing accomplishment to do that with such a great player and even better coach like Brad Stevens,” Thompson admitted. “It’s been a goal of mine to come in here and try to be the all-time leading scorer but at the end of the day, I want to do whatever it takes for our team to win.”

The Eagles now aim to capture their first regional crown since 1953, and Stevens will surely be keeping eyes on the score.