Indianapolis Indians forming committee to explore future of team name


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indianapolis Indians are establishing a committee to determine the future of the franchise’s nickname.

The news comes after the NFL’s Washington team recently dropped their “Redskins” nickname and continues to search for a new one. Several other pro sports franchises with Native American names are also exploring a change.

The Indianapolis Indians are one of the oldest minor league baseball franchises dating back to 1902. Their nickname is derived from the state and city names.

The team is not playing this year after the whole minor league baseball season was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here is the full statement the team released Tuesday:

Indianapolis Indians baseball dates back to 1902 and it’s been the organization’s goal to be low-cost family entertainment for all fans in an inclusive environment. We take this mission very seriously.

We also feel strongly about the relationship we have with our fans, community and corporate partners. Knowing that the appropriateness of our team name is being questioned, we will be forming a committee to explore it while also gathering community input.

As background, the name is derived from our state, Indiana, which means “Land of the Indians” and our city, Indianapolis, which means “City of Indians.” 

We are prepared to collaborate with our community and appropriate stakeholders. We understand that our team name has not been endorsed by some but trust they understand the historic and respectful context in which it has been used over the years. We are committed to engage, listen and exchange ideas.

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