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INDIANAPOLIS – One of the more visible owners in the National Football League is beginning to emerge again after perhaps his lowest moment during his residency in Indianapolis.

After returning to his Twitter account to thank fans for their support after his March 17th arrest, Jim Irsay was seen with the team for the first time in two months when he was shown in the Colts’ Draft “War Room” during a television broadcast of the second and third round of the NFL Draft on Friday evening.

Irsay was seen on the NFL Network’s Team War Room cameras sitting down and greeting head coach Chuck Pagano when the cameras turned on the Colts’ complex for about 20 seconds before the Colts made their second round selection.

“It was a shot of adrenaline, if you will,” said head coach Chuck Pagano of Irsay’s presence in the team’s draft headquarters on Friday. “He brings so much to the table and to the organization. He is the organization, he is the shoe. So to have Jim back in the building and back in the room with us today was pretty darn special.”

For general manager Ryan Grigson, who made his first two selections of the draft during Friday’s second and third round, having Irsay back with the team during the draft actually helped him to do his job.

“It was great, it was great. He brings great energy, football wisdom, all the years of experience. He knows how to push my buttons in terms of when we’re making a pick to see if I’m really feeling it,” said Grigson of Irsay. “Same thing with Chuck (Pagano). He looks you in the eye and he wants to know about the player, wants to be able to feel that passion when you’re making that pick and know that you really want that.”

While he certainly would talk to Grigson and Pagano about possible selections for the team, the general manager said that this owner lets him do whatever he feels best for the team when it comes to selections. On Friday Grigson picked up Ohio State offensive lineman Jack Mewhort in the second round and receiver Donte Moncrief from Mississippi in the third round.

“Before, he wants to know the plan. He wants to know if he’s not there what we’re going to do. He wants to know the trade value and who I’m talking to if we’re going to trade out of the pick if our guy’s not there, and we had contingency plans in two and three if we got stuck,” said Grigson. “But we felt good enough for the guys that were there in the value that we didn’t need to trade back. Again, it worked out well for us, and thank goodness those guys fell to us where they’re at because we feel like they have tremendous value where we picked them.”
While at the same time glad they have their boss back.