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INDIANPOLIS – Training camp provides NFL coaches the opportunity to expand their playbooks, or at least experiment in doing so.

This year, the Indianapolis Colts are considering adding a small package of plays for backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett rather than starter Philip Rivers.

“Nick (Sirianni) and I are talking about it quite a bit,” says head coach Frank Reich. “I talked to Jacoby about it a little bit the other day, not at great length.”

Though the idea appears to still be in its foundational stages, it’s a thought that has Reich intrigued.

“I’ve never done that before as a coordinator or as a head coach,” he explains. “I’ve never been on a team that’s done it, but we are working through it. It would be a big step, but if we think it is going to be right for the team then we will do it.”

There is a touch of irony in the Colts wanting Jacoby Brissett under center at times, as the franchise signed Philip Rivers in the offseason to unseat Brissett as the starting quarterback.

“It would be a unique situation,” adds Reich. “I do think when you’ve got a what we consider a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, you think, ‘Well, it’s hard to take him off the field.’”

The idea is a bit unconventional, but certainly not unheard of in offenses around the league.

“You look at what the Saints have done,” continues Reich, referring to New Orleans head coach Sean Payton’s decision to put Drew Brees on the sideline on occasion, “and not that we have the exact same dynamic. I mean Jacoby and Taysom Hill are different types of players, but Jacoby is a really good player and there are certain ways that we think that we could use him.

“If we think those ways are going to help us win football games, then we will be open to doing that.”