Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon launches foundation with initiatives to aid Africa

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INDIANAPOLIS – Pacers guard Malcolm Brogdon is known for his deep voice and influence on and off the hardwood, hence his nickname is “The President.”

Brogdon, who was a basketball standout at the University of Virginia from 2012 to 2016, earned his Master’s Degree in leadership and public policy from UVA.

Three years after Brogdon was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 2016, he signed with the Pacers last summer.

Brogdon shared on a Zoom call with media Tuesday he launched the Brogdon Family Foundation, which is committed to advocacy through social justice and education.

“First with advocacy, focus on social justice, specifically criminal justice reform, and voting,” Brogdon said. “Second is education. Really focus on mentoring and literacy through the Brogdon Family Foundation’s JHA Education Project.”

The foundation’s third initiative, Hoops4Humanity, which includes 13 additional professional basketball players nationwide, aims to provide access to clean water across Africa, where Brogdon visited as a kid. His experiences in Ghana influence him to this day.

“It was an amazing trip. It was also a trip that in some ways scarred me a little bit,” he said. “It made me sort of change my perspective. And it stuck with me forever.”

Even with about two weeks until the Pacers resume their season in Orlando, Brogdon believes now is the perfect time to launch the foundation.

“Playing allows you to amplify your platform,” he said. “I also think when you’re down here, you’re getting paid. And for me, I spend money on the foundation so that it can help other people.”

The foundation’s website can be found here.

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