Project 100 close to completion as May approaches

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (April 10, 2016) – The sounds of construction still echo throughout Indianapolis Motor Speedway, but the three-year Project 100 renovation plan is nearly complete.

In 2013, the Speedway announced Project 100, an effort to renovate IMS into a more modern facility.

“We’re running just on schedule, if not ahead of schedule,” said Alex Damron, Director of Public Relations at the Speedway.

On time would be the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, scheduled for May 29. The latest addition to the venue is stadium seating throughout the upper grandstand area, including some expanded capacity.

“All the new stadium seating being put in, the roof tech with is 13 feet higher and includes three new rows of prime seating, we think our fans are going to be really excited to see this,” added Damron.

In addition to new seats in the upper grandstands, IMS has moved back the support pylons for the roof, allowing a clearer view for spectators in that area. Even as changes continue to fall into place, leadership at the track is adamant about maintaining the venue’s historic feel.

“It’s a great mix of sticking to history and what makes us special while also adding some new amenities,” said Damron. “Increased wifi, the new Hulman Club level, stadium seating, it’s great stuff, but still part of us and who we are.”

Still to be completed: The Speedway will transform a portion of the Hulman Suites into a club area with an outdoor bar, and a brand new look is coming to the exterior of gate one.

“Everyone working on this, from the construction workers to the folks who’ve been part of the planning, obviously to the staff of the Speedway, it’s a project that’s near and dear to everyone’s heart,” said Damron.

“We know we’re working with a piece of American history, a piece of the city’s legacy and the state’s legacy.”

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