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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Oct. 5, 2015) – Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck suffered a subluxation of his throwing shoulder, Indy Sports Central’s Chris Hagan has learned.

A source close to the situation says at least three out-of-state experts have looked at the injury and given their input. Luck had an MRI a week ago. The injury is also known as a partial separation of the shoulder.

Doctors are concerned about Luck’s labrum, which is hard to read from the MRI with this type of injury. The biggest concerns about Luck at the moment are pain and arm strength.

The Colts quarterback injured his shoulder in the team’s week three win against the Tennessee Titans.

Local physical therapists at St. Vincent Sports Performance say the injury is wide ranging and the extent of the damage involves a lot of variables in the joints.

“So depending on the damage that gets created when it subluxes will depend on how fast the recovery is. So if any of these are torn when it slides out and comes back it’s a longer recovery. If they’re stretched out when it goes out and comes back, then it’s a much faster recovery,” said Dr. Jamey Gordon.

The injury is described as a partial or complete shoulder dislocation that’s like your joints moving like a swinging door.

“When the ball of the arm bone, shoulder joint slides out of the socket and then back in again,” said Gordon.

As for what the injury impacts, a multi-million dollar shoulder could be on the line.

“You have to not do the things that make it aggravated. So in the case of throwing when you get your arm up and rotated back that’s the least stable position for a shoulder, so throwing is a fairly demanding thing on a sublux shoulder. So you just have to wait until that gets stronger enough to be able to push that range of motion,” said Gordon.

Luck sat out this week’s game against Jacksonville and his status for Thursday’s game against the Houston Texans is in doubt.