Ole Miss football coach Lane Kiffin never misses an opportunity to stir the pot when speaking to the media.

Kiffin is known for his epic one-liners that often generate buzz across the college football landscape, especially when facing Alabama. He previously served as the Crimson Tide’s offensive coordinator from 2014 to ‘16 under Nick Saban after he was fired as USC’s football coach in ‘13.

On Saturday, during a live interview with SEC Network, Kiffin praised Saban while also dropping a puzzling line that left fans wondering about the future of matchups between he and the longtime Alabama coach.

“I was in a very challenging difficult time ... After the USC firing in my life, kind of a really rock bottom and I have so much appreciation for what Nick Saban did for me by taking an opportunity on me and really helping me through that,” Kiffin said. “Until you really hit rock bottom in your life and rebuild yourself from there, you really don’t figure yourself out. So, I give him a lot of credit. I love going against him and seeing him before the game. …We’re excited for this opportunity today and you never know how many more you've got. Maybe this is our last time.”

Fans did not hold back with their reactions to the latter part of Kiffin’s comment. With Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC in ’24 as part of the league’s realignment, the clash between Saban and his former assistant will not always remain a marquee matchup moving forward, but many wondered if Kiffin was implying at a bigger change to come that would prevent the two coaches from meeting.

Or, could Kiffin have been alluding to things changing in Oxford, Mississippi or a potential changing of the guard in Tuscaloosa, Alabama? That remains to be seen. 

Either way, it was typical Kiffin behavior.