Ever since former NFL running back Arian Foster’s offer up a tongue-n-cheek theory about the league being “rigged”, the unsubstantiated viral rumor has elicited strong responses.

On Monday, the NFL’s X (formerly known as Twitter) account got in on the joke, sharing a video it created capturing the responses of both current and former standouts on the topic.

Miami cornerback Jalen Ramsey stated that ‘if the NFL was scripted “He would already have three of four Super Bowls., with a couple of MVPs.”

ESPN NFL analyst former Steelers’ standout Ryan Clark lamented that nobody handed him the script for his 31-23 loss in Super Bowl XLV against the Packers.

Current Bears quarterback Justin Fields didn’t have an exact reason why he could refute the rumor opting to instead simply state the “NFL is not scripted.”

Bengals wideout Ja'Marr Chase left fans bewildered when he stated: “If I had the answer, I’d say yes…but no.”

The most hilarious response was provided by Giants defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence who lightheartedly admitted: “Yes I think the ‘NFL is Rigged… Shhh,” jokingly hinting that fans should keep it quiet.

No matter who supplies the responses, this rumor will likely never go away.