“Stay Positive” message catches on at Butler

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INDIANAPOLIS – In a moment of pain, it was something that he was pleased to show off.

On Febraury 4th Eric Fromm met with reporters to discuss his father Leonard, who died of cancer at the age of 70 just a few days before. Following his heartfelt tribute, he pulled down the sleeve on his right arm and put his hand up in the air in a fist.

That revealed a blue band with a simple message: “Stay Positive”

He received the band from a friend on campus named Eric Day. He was a cancer survivor who was just beginning to make the bands as part of a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and Jill’s House in Bloomington. Fromm was one of the first who got them and it was a gift that was appreciated as his fathers healthy deteriorated around the new year.

“It came at a great time with everything going on with my dad,” said Fromm of receiving the band and getting to know Day. “My dad had the phrase ‘It’s all about perspective’ so I think that’s kind of the same thing as ‘Stay Positive’ in a sense. It’s just how you view things.”

Now many others have taken that perspective on the Butler campus-and even some across the country. Thanks to Fromm story, word-of-mouth and social media, the “Stay Positive” bracelets have been finding their way onto the wrist of many who were touched by the efforts of Day.

As of early April around 3,000 bands have been sold by the Butler student in hopes of raising 100.000 dollars for cancer charities with orders coming in from Arizona, North Carolina and Wisconsin.

“It’s amazing how this whole wristband thing is blowing up right now,” said Day-who has established a website (www.staypositivebands.org), Facebook (Stay Positive Wristbands) and Twitter (@PositiveBands) accounts to spread the message.

Fromm has joined with Day to help spread the word about the bracelets and the fundraising mission. The forward received permission from the NCAA to lend his name and efforts to the cause and will be apart of the biggest event so far for the “Stay Positive” movement.

On Wednesday April 17th Day and Fromm will host a fundraiser at the Reilly Room at the Atherton Union on Butler’s campus. The event runs from 7:30 P.M. to 10:30 P.M and will feature food, bands as well as speeches from Day, Fromm and others.

Each person who comes to the event will receive a wristband and the event hosts hope they’ll take away their message.

“Hopefully it’s a sharing experience to continue to spread the word,” said Fromm of his hopes for the event. “We hope anyone who just feels interested will come out and probably learn something.”

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