2020 Super Bowl commercials: M.C. Hammer, Tom Brady and 'Baby Nut'

The Big Game
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Super Bowl commercials are one of the big draws, especially for fans who don’t follow football that closely. Here’s a look at some of the top ads from this year’s big game.

The NFL got things started with a cool kickoff commercial featuring several stars of the past, including one Peyton Manning!

What’s in Tom Brady’s future? Apparently, watching lots of Hulu. He still says he’ll be back on the field.

Cheetos is determined to bring back “Hammer Pants” with this ad featuring MC Hammer.

Marvel Studios gave fans a sneak peek at its upcoming Black Widow movie.

Maverick’s back in a sequel to 1986’s Top Gun.

The folks at Snickers believe there are a few things wrong with the world…

Rick and Morty got trapped in a Pringles commercial.

Mr. Peanut is (kind of) dead–mourned by Mr. Clean, Kool-Aid Man and Wesley Snipes. You’ve gotta think “Baby Yoda” inspired “Baby Nut,” right?

A commercial featuring a dog named Scout tugged at our heartstrings…

…and so did Google’s!

Oikos was concerned about bubble butts.

How do you ‘mmus? Sabra Hummus’ commercial featured several celebrities, including Ric Flair.

Bill Murray’s beleaguered weatherman returned in a twist on Groundhog Day in this Jeep commercial.


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