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INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Five years ago All-Pro punter Pat McAfee cut his career short at the age of just 29 to pursue a career in entertainment.

Crazy right?

“You probably thought I was crazy,” McAfee told Chris Hagan on Super Bowl radio row. “My parents thought I was a little crazy, but my boys all understood. I was very fortunate to play for the Indianapolis Colts. Very, very lucky to be in the NFL. I’m still a massive NFL fan. We’ve had a hell of a time here trying to experience this entire media world. We’re very fortunate and having a good time with it.”

The “Pat McAfee Show” on satellite radio and YouTube has built a loyal audience in the millions, landing huge guests and making new fans every day.

“We try to work hard to do things the right way,” McAfee said. “We try to make people laugh as opposed to tear people down. Hopefully, we’ll just continue to grow and have a good time. It’s been wild the amount of people that I’ve got a chance to chat with that I’ve seen on the Internet and people I’ve seen on TV. Getting to meet them now and they knowing that we exist is really cool.”

The McAfee brand is lucrative, recently landing a $120 million deal with FanDuel, paying off a huge bet the former Pro Bowler made on himself just five years ago. “I think I’ve always had a gut feeling, a gut trust that I’ve followed,” said McAfee. “I was a soccer player before I was a kicker. I felt like kicking was probably going be the right move. Go and kick, it works