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MARTINSVILLE, Ind. – Once the whistle blew at Super Bowl LIV in Miami, the team at For Bare Feet in Martinsville turned on the machines to start production on championship socks featuring the Kansas City Chiefs.

The largest team-licensed sock manufacturer in the United States says the day after the Super Bowl is one of its biggest production days.

“Our busiest time of the year starts in August, right at the beginning of football season because that is our biggest seller all year ‘round,” said David Helmkamp, director of retail at FBF. “Then it ends with the Super Bowl and then we pick right back up on hockey.”

They produce and ship thousands of socks a day, which are then sold at nationwide retailers in-store and online.

“The socks are great because it’s something that anyone can get and they’re sold everywhere, and we do them in all different styles,” said Greg Mills, director of IT. “So, we’ve got everything from kids’ styles to men’s, women’s, adults…some that are just one size fits most and there are really fun designs for everybody.”

“We will be shipping out six styles of knitting socks and two styles of sublimated socks,” said Helmkamp. “We’ll actually be shipping all of those out starting at about 10 a.m. today.”

Helmkamp says their socks are different than any other kind of memorabilia.

“Everybody can buy a pair of socks,” he said. “To get a Super Bowl Championship t-shirt, hat, jersey, whatever, you’re paying anywhere from $50-$200. For us, it’s probably about $16 and you can get a championship pair of socks that’ll last forever.”

Mills added that an advantage of producing the socks in Martinsville is that they don’t have to produce both socks for both teams and then waste the losing team’s product. They can wait for the winning team to be named and then start production. This not only reduces waste but also makes the process more sustainable.

If you’d like to order your own socks from For Bare Feet, click here.