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INGLEWOOD, Calif. – Hollywood filmmakers are always looking for a good story and they often look to the world of sports. 

Super Bowl XXXIV MVP Kurt Warner’s life story found its way to the silver screen this year. Perhaps a player in this Sunday’s big game will inspire a future film as well.

First, there needs to be a leading man. For that, I turned to veteran Hollywood casting director, Dori Zuckerman.

“I think actors really enjoy playing real life people,” Zuckerman said. “They get a chance to meet with them and spend time with them and really delve into their personalities, their quirks.”

In the role of Matthew Stafford:

“Too bad he isn’t handsome,” Zuckerman kidded about the Rams’ quarterback. “He’s really fun to watch and look at, so one of my favorite actors to watch and look at is a Richard Madden.”

The Scottish actor rose to prominence in HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones.’

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For Rams’ wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.:

“He was on the hard side to find, but Barry Brewer’s a stand-up that has really surprised me with his acting chops,” said Zuckerman.

Rams’ wide receiver Cooper Kupp:

“Another cutie pie which immediately reminded me of Alex Pettyfer that you may know from, ‘I Am Number Four’, Zuckerman said.

And Cincinnati’s leading man Joe Burrow:

“George MacKay was riveting in ‘1917’,” Zuckerman suggests. “I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him and he’s just such a star.”

MacKay is a great pick, but I have one of my own: Billy Magnussen

“Another chameleon,” said Zuckerman. “He looks different in every role he does and he can absolutely play that.

 “This is a very good choice, so if your day job doesn’t work out, maybe you can go into casting,” Zuckerman joked.