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INDIANAPOLIS – The stay away from the Board of Directors of Hulman and Company lasted just a few months for Tony George.

On Friday night the company announced that George was added to the Board of Directors of the company.

George had resigned from the board in October of 20112 citing an “appearance of a conflict of interest.” Many believe that was due to George’s attempt to acquire IndyCar from the company but nothing has yet to come of those efforts.

Along with the addition of George, Hulman and Company  re-elected the ten members who were on the board last year.

George has a long history with the company having served as it’s President and CEO from 1989-2009, overseeing the Indianapolis Motor Speedway along with IndyCar.

His time running the speedway featured great improvements and innovations along with controversy. Improvements made to the track and it’s surrounding infrastructure help the Indianapolis Motor Speedway attract new racing series including NASCAR, Formula 1 and the Moto GP.

Many remember him, however, for his role in the now infamous “Split” of open wheel racing which happened when George created the Indy Racing League which is now known as IndyCar. Many teams and drivers sided with the old CART series and the split continued until 2008 when both series were unified.