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A former IU basketball player is fighting to get out of Ukraine. Maurice “Mo” Creek is playing overseas there and despite multiple attempts to flee the country, he cannot find a way out of the country.

Creek says it’s like something out of a movie – sirens, explosions in the distance, eerily deserted streets and a constant fear that Russian troops could be arriving at any second.

Creek is living in the city of Mykolaiv – about 300 miles from the country’s capital of Kiev.

While we have not yet heard reports that the city of Mykolaiv is under attack, we do know Russian troops have arrived at the nearby city of Odessa.

Creek says he can’t find a driver willing to make the journey. He’s made numerous attempts to leave the country, but all have been unsuccessful.

He says all of his other American teammates have been able to find their way out but right now, he’s bunkering down alone in his apartment as he works to find a way to leave.

“I​​ don’t want to go to sleep, not knowing like, something may happen,” Creek said. “It’s bad.”

Creek says his team, Municipal Basketball Club Mykolaiv, has not offered to help him leave Ukraine.

Creek’s agent and family members are working around the clock to help him get home.

Creek’s says his family and his young daughter is what’s getting him through this. He’s been in constant communication with them and says they are keeping him going as he works around the clock to find a way home.

An unbelievably heart-wrenching situation, and we know Hoosier nation is praying for his safe return home.