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INDIANAPOLIS — Police are searching for answers after an Indianapolis man was murdered outside his home on the city’s southwest side.

The victim, identified as Demarcus Johnson, was shot to death in the front yard of the home he shared with his girlfriend.

Witnesses say it all started with an argument.

The suspects pulled into the parking lot of the housing complex on Joey Way, and three people wearing masks confronted the 24-year-old man with his neighbors looking on.

“He was right there in the yard, and they were in the street, and they said, ‘Do you have a problem?’ and he said, ‘No. Do you have a problem?’ and after I saw the guns, I ran in the house,” recalled Amanda Belew.

Belew says all three suspects pulled out guns, but she didn’t see if the victim had a weapon on him or not.

Once inside, Belew heard a series of gunshots, and by the time she came back outside, Johnson was bleeding to death on the front lawn.

“I came back outside, and he was laying on the ground. There was a lady doing chest compressions,” said Belew. “It’s very scary. It’s traumatic.”

For her part, Belew isn’t sure what sparked the deadly argument but believes it appeared to have started long before the shooting took place.

“I feel like whatever they were arguing about, they had argued in the past, and it was an ongoing thing,” said Belew.

“In our society we can be so volatile,” said Naeemah Jackson with Peace Learning Center.

Jackson works with the Peace Learning Center, a non-profit that offers training on how to resolve conflicts peacefully.

She believes the key to preventing a majority of the city’s homicides involves educating people on how to better communicate and treat each other with respect, which all starts in the family.

“What we see on the streets is a reflection of what goes on at home,” said Jackson. “I want people to know this is not just for people of low economic means. This is for all families.”

As always, anyone with information on the case is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.