The temperature surged Monday to 75° in Indianapolis, the warmest in ten days and a full 19° above normal. There is another very warm day coming soon


It isn’t unusual for 70° days to occur in the month of November, but we are fast approaching the typical cut-off time for these types of warm days. On average there will be two days top or exceed 70° from November first on, the warmest 81° on November 1st, 1952.

But Monday’s high took us to a new level. While failing to reach the record of 77° set in 1975, the 75° high was the warmest for this date in 46 years (1977). This level of warm is much rarer. Only 38 Novembers on record have produced a temperature of 75° or warmer, that’s 25%!

The average date of the last 70° to occur is November 3rd with the latest on record, December 12th in 2015!

And we are expecting to be right back to this level warmth again this week. After a passing warm front early Wednesday morning, temperatures are forecast to reach 77° Wednesday, just shy of the record high 79° set in 2020.