A few more hot and humid days; tracking short-lived relief


Hot, humid with storms around Tuesday. Sound familiar? We’re stuck in this pattern of 90-degree heat, high humidity and daily storm chances. Highs Tuesday afternoon made it back into the 90s for the 5th day in a row in Indianapolis and the 8th time this year. On average, Indianapolis sees 19 days reaching the 90-degree threshold each year. However, a couple surrounding cities are already there, with both Lafayette and Shelbyville reaching 90-degrees for the 19th time in 2020.

Like clockwork, clouds began towering up around the lunch hour and isolated thunderstorms began to produce heavy downpours around parts of Central Indiana. Nearly an inch of rain fell over the airport this afternoon while many reporting stations still measure 0.00″. Storms have been very hit-and-miss in nature and a few more storms are possible throughout the rest of the evening.

We’re nearly through the first week of July. We’ve lost 5 minutes of daylight over this week and lose a total of 40 minutes over the course of the month.

This pattern is holding firm for a couple more days. Highs will be back in the 90s tomorrow and Thursday, isolated thunderstorms will develop in the afternoon and evening and heat indices near 100° will be possible. The high pressure “Hot Dome” that’s been controlling our weather pattern the past several days will make a shift to the southwest over the weekend. As it does, our jet stream takes a small dive across the region and will trigger more widespread showers and storms by Friday. The heat and humidity will START backing off as we move into the weekend and becomes more seasonally comfortable by Sunday.

The break from the heat doesn’t last long. The 8-14 day outlooks sending strong signals for above average temperatures to be around over the third week of July. We see the heat arrive much sooner than that though as the jet stream lifts north once again and we bring 90s back the forecast by Tuesday.

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