INDIANAPOLIS – Merry Christmas and happy holidays! It’s been another cold one across Central Indiana, but the sun is shining and warmer days are not far away…

Seeing snow on Monday

Though we have cleared up nicely today, the sunshine will be fleeting as clouds return to the area late Sunday evening. The clouds will come ahead of our next storm system; a weak one known as an Alberta clipper (the system develops in the Alberta region). Clippers often bring light amounts of snow, but are low impact events due to the lack of moisture they carry. As a result, a light snowfall is expected through much of the day with general half inch to inch across most of Central Indiana. There may be isolated pockets of up to 2″ at most. The day will be warmer than its predecessor more importantly, with highs in the mid 20s. Clouds and flurries will stick around overnight.

Midweek warm up!

Tuesday and Wednesday will be transition days between the deep cold and unseasonably mild weather! Tuesday’s high will be close to 30 degrees with a bit more sun, but a southwesterly wind will be establishing mild air not far to our south. On Wednesday, that mild air will begin to move in as highs jump into the mid 40s, accompanied by a sun & cloud mix.

The warmest days this week will be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday as it stands now. These days will come as a storm system to the west pulls mild air from the Gulf of Mexico. Along with temperatures that will be in the mid 50s, clouds and showers are expected. Thursday may be a mainly gray day, but Friday and especially Saturday will be rainy too. Still, the return of highs to the mid and even upper 50s may be a welcome return with how cold it has been!