A great finish to the weekend; Cristobal to bring us rain next week


Saturday was the hottest day of the year for Indianapolis, so far. We made it up to 89°! Although MANY made it into the 90s. Perhaps the bigger story though, is on the humidity. Dew point temperatures have been crashing. The majority of Central Indiana has seen a dew point temperature drop of more than 20-degrees from Friday night to Saturday night. Some of our southern counties are still a little on the humid side, however, we’ll see more comfortable conditions for all of us on Sunday.

We finish of the weekend with temperatures warm, in the mid 80s, sunshine and low humidity. The UV index will be high, at a 10, meaning you can get a sunburn in about 15 minutes without any protection on your skin.

It’s Monday that we start to heat back up! Temperatures will surge into the upper 80s and lower 90s by the afternoon. Humidity will start rising quickly. Tuesday will likely take over as the hottest day of the year with temperatures in the 90s and very muggy conditions.

Tropical Storm Cristobal is churning in the Gulf of Mexico, pushing along a northerly track. We don’t have any rain chances here in Central Indiana until the remnants from this system move our way by mid next week.

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