A very rare chilly day here Friday. Colder temperatures combined with brisk winds and even some passing light snow flurries to bring on a real feel of January. A new warm up is coming soon


Spurts of snow (a narrow band) along with a few flurries will dissipate thru 9pm. This January has yet to produce a measured snow. This is the 4th STRAIGHT YEAR with little or no snow in the opening two weeks of the year.

The lack of snow is once again stunning with very little snow accumulation so far this year. the 4.4″ officially for the city of Indianapolis is less than half the normal (11.1″ is normal). AND, most of that snow fell in November!

The narrow band of snow and the flurries will dissipate this evening and clouds will be breaking.

Entering the day it is the 5th WARMEST January on record and warmest open to a year in 25 years. Today’s high 36° (Friday) is the coldest afternoon since December 27th – over two plus weeks ago!


It’s been a very dreary January, less than one-third the normal sunshine! Clearing later tonight sets us up for WEEKEND SUNSHINE. Brighter skies coming Saturday then clouds will increase again on Sunday. The upcoming stormy weather pattern may not afford much sunshine over the next week so be sure to take advantage of it this weekend.


We’re entered a very active pattern with fast moving ‘spring-like’ storm systems due to cross the Nation. This departing storm is the first of several over the next 10 days. Severe weather outbreak(s) are very likely with each of these upcoming storms. This most recent storm produced over 40 reports of tornadoes & over nearly 200 wind reports.

We’re tracking multiple storms over the coming 10 days. These storms are lined up across the Pacific Ocean and will come in 2 to 3 day intervals. The next in the series arrives on Monday bringing another warm up along with it. These storms are to produce mainly rain here at this distance, however, I suspect one down the line could afford some snow. Stay tuned.