A sunny September stretch getting underway


We’ve haven’t had a lot of sunshine this year, each of the first eight months have all been cloudier than normal and September is following the trend. One of the sunniest days this year came on September 5th but there have only been eight other days ALL year that clear. Sunshine has been hard to come by let alone long stretches.

September ties June for the third sunniest month annually only trailing July and August (#1) in sunshine production. To-date we’ve only had about half the possible sunshine (37%) but that is about to change.

While we could use the rainfall, a cold front that passed early Sunday morning will deliver cooler and drier air to start the work week. The lowered humidity and the sinking motion under the weight of high pressure will bring a string of mostly sunny days here. Skies will brighten Sunday with the clearest days expected Monday and Tuesday. How long will it last? There are differences in the long range forecast for later this week, primarily on how far north the tropical system “Sally” will come. We will be refining the forecast for the chances of late week rain so be sure to check back. Below I’m posting the percent of cloud cover at 2 pm over the next six days for Indianapolis, along with our current 7 Day forecast. At odds right now are the U.S. Model solution vs. the European Long range forecast solution and how they are handling the tropical remnants. Currently we are leaning toward the Euro solution but look for updates!

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