INDIANAPOLIS – A progressive weather pattern continues across the US and keep plentiful rain opportunities in the picture for Indiana.

Showers & a warm up to end Monday

Rain has largely moved out of Indiana as night falls upon us, but our weather will remain active this evening. A few hours after dark, a warm front will cross through the state tonight and lift temperatures into the low 50s! We’ll enjoy the mild air for about 5-7 hours before a cold front and very brief round of downpours takes us back into the low to mid 40s by sunrise.

A drier Tuesday

We’ll enjoy a break in the rain on Tuesday and perhaps one of our only break this week. The day will begin sunny across much of the state, but that may not last long for most. Clouds will return across Northern and much of Central Indiana. On the flipside, it will be a very sunny day across the southern portion of the state. High temps will range from 40-45 in areas where clouds dominate to 50-55 where there is more sun. Much of the metro area will fall a bit closer to the cooler range.

Rain resumes late Wednesday

Our next chance for precip will come on Wednesday as a storm system approaches throughout the day. This will carry temperatures back into the mid 40s as rain is expected to arrive late in the day. Most of the rain is expected to fall overnight with temps maxing out around 50 sometime early Thursday morning.