After back to back sunny days, light rain and snow chances return

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Big north to south spread in temperatures Tuesday afternoon. It was 51° in Bloomington and only 31° in Kokomo at p.m. A sure sign of spring is when sunshine this time of the year stays out all afternoon long. We can warm as the stronger sun angle and lengthening days go to work. Meanwhile clouds and being on the wrong side of a front will hold back temperature.


It was great to have the sun out again Tuesday and a terrific follow up to Monday – which was the sunniest day so far this February. The month of February annually is the fourth cloudiest month. February 2019 has only produced 20 percent of the possible sunshine. It was great to have back to back sunny days!

Clouds along with a wind shifting front will allow clouds to increase area-wide tonight with sprinkles/flurries developing toward sunrise. The minor system will move east Wednesday drawing down cooler air behind it entering Thursday.


We are nearing the close to meteorological winter, the months of December, January and February and it will enter the books as the 4th straight above normal. Since December 1, 61 percent of the days have been above normal and ranks among the warmest 30 percent on record.

While February cruises to a above normal close, it is worth noting that this year has produced the least number of 60-degrees days (2) in four years.

The last below normal winter was 2014-15. Snowfall has been lacking again, while up over the past three years it will fall short again. 16.3″ of snow has fallen since December first which is -5.4″ below normal.

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