A pair of wind shifting cold fronts will sweep the state before the start of the weekend bringing the coolest afternoons here since early May


The full day average temperature in Indianapolis Thursday was ABOVE normal for the first time in two weeks! Per National Weather Service Indianapolis Indiana – the below normal streak in the LONGEST in 16 months!

That was mid-September level warmth again Thursday in central Indiana. These ‘warm’ afternoons become harder to come by. On AVERAGE, only four afternoons top 76° or warmer to end the year.

Cold fronts (two) are lining up and soon sweep the state. Chilly air to flow into the Midwest bringing numerous frost and freeze warnings into Friday morning. Second cold front expected tp pass around midnight with GUSTY winds of over 25 mph developing before sunrise Friday.
A real LATE FALL FEEL FRIDAY with temps running a full 10-degrees below normal. Predicted high under 60° for the first time since MAY 5th and the normal for early November.

Protect those plants – an area-wide frost likely to open the weekend and again early Sunday. Freezing temps a real possibility in outlying areas this weekend. Look for advisories to be issued Friday.

Speaking of plants, have you noticed how dry we have become? We scanned the weather records and found this is the driest open to an October in eleven years but the dry spell started in late September. Since September 25th, this is the driest for these dates in 65 years! 1957 was the last time we had such a dry close to September and open October