An arctic blast brings Central Indiana its coldest weather this season


It has been a windy, chilly day across Central Indiana with temperatures dropping since last night. A high temperature set at midnight was 39 degrees, but our daytime high at 3 o’clock was just 33. Since then, temperatures have continued to rapidly fall with a few light snow showers out there as well. A strong northwesterly wind will continue to tank temperatures into the lower teens by tomorrow morning. In all, this will be around a 25 degree temp decrease in just 24 hours.

Tomorrow morning’s start in the lower teens will be the coldest of the season and just the second sub-20 degree reading too. Clouds will keep a stronghold on our sky, but a few peeks of sun may just slip through during the day. Unfortunately, this might not be enough to get us out of just the TEENS with a wind out of the northwest. Our high is expected to be 19 with a wind chill stuck in the upper single digits. It’s worth noting that there may be some snow showers in Southern Indiana, but anything beyond a coating should remain out of our area.

Clouds will then begin to clear out overnight and Friday will begin with more sun. Overnight clearing will contribute to what should be our first night in the single digits however, so bundle up! A mostly sunny afternoon will help us warm more than Thursday, but we will remain below average somewhere in the lower 20s at best.

Our next chance to warm up more will come on Saturday with temps beginning to fall again Sunday afternoon.

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