Another great weekend setup; hotter and humid next week


For the second weekend in a row, Central Indiana is set up for a influx of drier air and sunshine. We’re waiting on the passage of two cold fronts from Friday night to Saturday morning that will bring relief from the high humidity and daily rain chances.

While Friday has been dry with plenty of sunshine, clouds have been building up in the heat of the day. An isolated shower or thunderstorm can’t be ruled out Friday evening but most of the area will remain completely dry.

Look up tonight to catch a glimpse of the Strawberry Moon! This will be a nice night for it. You’ll have to dodge a few clouds but there should be more than enough clearing in the area to get a good look at it. This is the last full moon of Spring. It was officially “full” at 3:12 PM Friday afternoon, but it will still be bright and beautiful tonight. It was given its name by Native Americans in reference to the short strawberry harvest season around the time of the June full moon. While it will not actually look the color of a strawberry, the Strawberry Moon is one of the most colorful moons of the year because of its low, shallow path across the sky.

We’ll wake up Saturday morning to the remainder of a very warm and humid air mass. However, by the late morning hours on Saturday, the dew point temperatures take a dive, giving way to a much more comfortable afternoon.

A very dry pattern is setting up for the next few days. The next real rain chance doesn’t get here until mid-next week, with the remnants of ‘Cristobal.’

This storm system was upgraded from a Tropical Depression Friday morning, back to a Tropical Storm. While this is a weaker tropical cyclone by comparison, and is not expected to reach “hurricane” strength, it IS still expected to bring widespread flooding to parts of the Gulf Coast over the weekend and early next week. This system will continue its northerly track inland and likely bring an end to our dry stretch by late Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Before we have to watch the rain gauge with the arrival of Cristobal, we’ll be watching the thermometer rise quickly again next week. Humidity surges once again and temperatures will jump back into the upper 80s on Monday and likely surpass the 90-degree mark by Tuesday.

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