INDIANAPOLIS – It is a hot and humid Tuesday! 90s return this afternoon and stick around into the weekend with the potential for triple-digit temperatures this weekend!

Hot and humid Tuesday

For the rest of the afternoon, temperatures will top off in the lower 90s with plenty of sunshine. It will be humid too, stay hydrated if you have to be outside! Overnight lows will drop into the lower 70s making for a warm and humid night.

Another heat wave this week

Temperatures every day this week and into the weekend will top off in the 90s, above-average for this time of year. The middle 90s are likely on Wednesday, lower 90s on Thursday and Friday, and upper 90s by this weekend.

Little rain chances, not good for the drought

A cold front will move in on Wednesday morning into the afternoon. This front won’t bring much rain but there is a chance of a shower or two, mainly to the north and east. It won’t do much to our temperatures but it will bring in less humid air for Thursday and Friday.

Triple-digit heat by this weekend is possible

The heat really cranks into this weekend! Temperatures have the potential to top off in the upper 90s and lower triple digits! We have not hit 100° since July 2012!

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