April closes cool and damp; A new warmup to open May


What a difference this Wednesday is shaping up to be, compared to the sunshine and 70s we had on Tuesday. Gloomy, damp, breezy and cooler. That’s the story for today. While we’ve had periods of dry time, we’ll continue to deal with cloudy skies and off and on showers into the evening. Temperatures Wednesday afternoon are running 15 to 20-degrees cooler from where they were 24 hours ago.

Low pressure has moved overhead and drier air has been mixing into the state Wednesday afternoon. The center of this low pressure will very slowly move east. As it does, showers will continue to wrap around it and we will see some increase in rainfall coverage once again as we head into the late evening hours. While showers will remain scattered in nature, they will be accompanied by gusty northwest winds, that at times, could gust near 30 mph.

Our setup for Thursday is even less favorable than today. Scattered rainfall will continue into Thursday and temperatures will be quite chilly, as breezy, northwesterly winds stream cooler air into the state. 

By Friday morning, we will be at the lowest point of our temperature rollercoaster this week.  We will have dropped from the 70-degree warmth we had Tuesday, to the upper 30s by Friday morning. Some patchy frost will be possible too.

However, we start to make another climb into the 70s as we get into the weekend. Back-to-back 70-degree days return for Saturday and Sunday. This will be the first weekend since October 2019 that we’ve had this kind of warmth over BOTH days in the weekend. The warmup is short-lived though. Another front moving through on Sunday will bring showers, thunderstorms and another cool-down by early next week. 

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