April underway, brighter and warmer is the forecast


Our April opened below normal for the 5th straight year but improvements are underway Wednesday. Skies have begun to break for some sunshine and temperatures are responding. It was an improvement, up nearly 10-degrees from the same time Tuesday. Afternoon temperatures reached the lower to mid 50s late day but still failed area-wide to reach the ‘normal’ high of 58°.


The short and long term forecasts are very promising with temperatures forecast to climb back above 60-degrees starting Thursday.

The extended, Long Ranger forecast is projecting afternoon highs above 60-degrees for the next seven days and the Climate Prediction Center’s 8 to 14 day outlook has a higher probability of above normal temperatures for much of the western U.S. through April 15th.

April only trails March as the fastest month to warm going from a average high of 58-degrees on the first to 68-degrees on the 30th. The 30 day outlook also released from The National Weather Service’s CPC is showing that the entire month favors above normal temperatures and precipitation. April averages 3.81″

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