The long advertised arctic front arrived and as expected in dramatic fashion. Temperatures dropped 17-degrees in one hour at our studios. What was wet is freezing and bitter wind gusts and chills are on the way

Brace for the blast – arctic front will hit like a wall and temps are set to plunge through the night. Window rattling gusts accompany the front jumping up to nearly 40 mph in minutes.

Temps have began to drop at the studios of FOX59 on the northwest side of Indianapolis just before 4:40pm. A switch to snow was almost instant and already whitening the grounds at the Golf Club of Indiana. In only one hour, the temperature went from 37° to 20°, a 17-degree drop.

From the National Weather Service – “Intense Snow Squall about to move in toward the 65 Corridor next few hours. Reduced visibility down to 1/4 mile with heavy snow at times”

Travel will become more difficult area-wide rest of the evening.


RADAR UPDATE: 9:45pm. Colder and drier air has slowed snowfall but due to fill in again next few hours as low deepens out east.

The low will pivot as it strengthens through sunrise pulling more moisture north and east from southern Indiana. Cannot ignore the trend that snow amounts will indeed be lower – mainly 1″ to 2″ additional before sunrise. Some locations far east could indeed exceed two inches. Travel will still remain dangerous to to falling and blowing snowfall.

Additional snowfall though 7am Friday.

While snow will end before sunrise Friday the gusty will become even stronger through day break and into early Friday afternoon. Gusts of nearly 50 mph will create whiteout conditions Friday and dangerously cold wind-chills to nearly -30°.


The air temp has just dipped to zero here at the studios of Fox59 at the airport. That’s 41-degree drop since 4pm. Wind-chill now -23°. Gusts are now to 40mph.

Brisk winds will continue to move the newly fallen snow around into Friday night and early Saturday still creating travel concerns. Considerable blowing and drifting snow is expected. Winds will start to slack off starting Saturday morning.

Winter storm warning will remain in effect through 7pm Friday for central Indiana