INDIANAPOLIS – The deep cold has finally exited the region, but that does not mean our chances for snow have too.

The sun comes out for Christmas

Merry Christmas! Temperatures will continue to take baby steps forward as we slowly thaw. The day will still be cold however, as our morning wind chill will be in the 10-20 degrees below zero range. Actual temperatures will go from the low single digits to highs in the upper teens by the afternoon. We will achieve more warming during the day thanks to a mild southwest wind and a mostly sunny sky! Enjoy the bright skies while they last though, clouds will return once again overnight.

Light snow to start the week

Snow showers will return to the region on Monday as an Alberta clipper system (named after its approximate location of origin) dives southeast through the Central US. It appears it will impact areas to our southwest more directly, but much of Indiana will still see a coating of snow with some locations picking up an inch or two. The day will otherwise be more comfortable with light wind and a high in the mid 20s.

Late week warmth!

That’s right, we’re calling it warmth… at least for this time of year! Highs will return to the 50s as we close out the upcoming work week. As we typically see this time of year, the warmth will be accompanied by some rainy weather.