Temperatures are set to plunge behind an arctic front that sweeps through central Indiana late Thursday night. The bitter blast of cold will short-lived with quick temperature turnaround coming


Sunshine and milder temperatures Thursday afternoon mask the approach of an arctic front. Temperatures are as much as 10-degrees warmer than same time Wednesday. That’s back to back sunny day in central Indiana to open the month. It is well deserved as January 2023 closed as the cloudiest January on record in over twenty years. The month only produced one-third the possible sunshine (13%). Normal is 40%.

February tends to be brighter and the month adds an additional one hour and four minutes of daylight while average temperatures rise to 45-degrees at month’s close. Despite some very cold air we are expecting to see sun along with mixed clouds again on Friday.


An arctic front looms over northern Indiana late Thursday afternoon and will sweep through central Indiana before midnight. BITTER COLD wind-chills follow the front with advisories as far south as central Illinois. Temperatures fall sharply overnight lowering by daybreak to near 10-degrees or colder. The gusty northwest winds will produce WIND-CHILLS to as cold as 0° to -10° Friday morning.

If you are not a fan of very cold air well you are in luck. the COLD BLAST is short-lived. The upper- level winds are to quickly “flatten” this weekend and a quick warm up gets underway. An EXTENDED mild spell is coming with several 50-degree days potentially next week. Temperatures by Tuesday are predicated to be a as much as 15-degrees ABOVE normal.