There is no doubt that the month of October is a transitional month but are we seeing more frequent warm spells?


This is the 11th day this month that the thermometer has reached or surpassed the 70-degree mark. Recall early in the month when we opened with four straight days in the 80s. While there will be two more unseasonably warm days this week the total will fall one shy of last year’s 14 days.

We found that the average number of days 70° or warmer per each October is 12 days and that HALF the October’s on record have produced 12 days or more! The year with the most? 27 days in 1963.

Scanning weather records the month has produced 90° high temperatures only a few occasions, most recently in 2019 when the record for the month was set at 92° on the open two days. Prior to 2019 there were two days in 2007 and one day each in 1951 and in 1954.