Sunny and dry weather along with unseasonably warmth temperatures has been the vibe to open November but changes are to get underway starting Friday.


What a month as we are set to end a warm streak that extends well into the final days of October. We’ve had over two straight weeks of above normally temperatures and a November open that ranks among the warmest on record. Entering the day, the average full day temperature for the month is the warmest since 1977, 45 years ago and ranks 3rd WARMEST on record. We will go even higher and Thursday topped the 70s again along with a average temperature 15-degrees above normal.

We haven’t had a low temperature below 40° all month and not since the morning of October 29th. That all ends abruptly entering the weekend

While we are basking in near record warmth Thursday over a foot of snow has been deposited on Bismarck, north Dakota amidst blizzard warnings and bitter wind-chills. That’s arctic air in the upper Midwest late Thursday and it is on the move.

Friday is a transition day here and actually will start mild. A cold front will sweep across the state by late afternoon allowing to open the door to the much colder air. Winds shift, temperatures will slip and the real chill arrives overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

This chill has staying power. This overhaul in the pattern will permit much colder air to prevail for the second half of the month and when we turn cold this time of the year, the snow chances usually follow.

We could see some snow showers as early as Saturday morning and looking into the extended outlook, snow chances return Tuesday morning and again later next Wednesday and Thursday. Those systems look week at this distance but further solidifies that this warm November is soon to be a memory.