Back above normal, showers increase overnight; Cooler but sunny stretch coming



Showers will continue to increase in coverage and intensity through 1 am Tuesday along with milder temperatures.  The southwest breeze will keep temperatures well popover freezing and the precipitation will fall as all rain area-wide.  Rainfall will reach its peak coverage shortly after midnight.


Back above normal just after the colder air of the season.  The rebound was quick and the temperatures Monday mark the 59th day above normal since December first.  This winter is among the warmest 8% on record and ties for the 12th warmest.  Weather records date back to 1871.

The daily average is impressive – at nearly 6-degrees per day above normal, so what is driving the mild winter?

The default winter jet stream pattern is a flat one, or what meteorologist call “zonal”.  The fast west to east flow allows mild, oceanic air to flood the nation while bitter cold remains bottle up well north.  While Alaska is having one of the colder winters in recent memory the polar branch of the jet stream remains tight and strong around the bitter cold Polar Vortex.  There have only been a few disruptions to the pattern to allow bitter cold to flow into the nation – and the pattern isn’t letting up soon.

The cold entering the weekend was impressive, the coldest of the year the rebound was equally impressive.  A new shot of cold air will descend on central Indiana by mid-week but will not pack as bitter of a cold punch.  A large Canadian high pressure will deliver a string of quiet, sunny and seasonally chilly days starting Wednesday and lasting into the start of the weekend.

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