The steady rain ended but drizzle and colder temperatures follow a departing storm system. Holiday travel will improve

Worst of the weather has moved east of Indiana late Tuesday afternoon. Rain and some snow head to New England. With the exception of Charlotte, delays have yet to start mounting per FAA.

The system brought area wide rainfall and enough that some local burn bans were lifted. Lawrence, Jackson and Jennings were lifted Tuesday. The total number of counties has lowered from 27 to 16 with most of the counties in southern Indiana still under the ban.

Clouds may be somewhat stubborn to break Wednesday, but long Holiday weekend opens with full sunshine Thanksgiving Day. Temperatures are to move up Thursday ahead of a wind shifting cold front that will pass later in the day. The forecast is for temperatures to climb back above 50° before the front passes. Once the front sweeps the state a much cooler brand of weather will settle in. November 2023 is currently 5° warmer than last year with temperatures averaging 4° per day above normal. We are due for a correction, and one is getting underway for the final week of the month.

Along with the milder month comes the lack of snowfall. We have yet to even record a trace of snow thus far and IF we were to end the month now it would be the first time since 1999 that we were snow-free in November. Only five Novembers on record have done so.

We are watching for a minor system that arrives on Sunday that hints at a possibility that the long holiday weekend could end with some light rain and light snow or flurries. Amounts would be light, and trends will be monitored. IF we get no snow from that system, this November will be headed into the record books.