Bitter blast of cold coming; Near record cold and dangerous wind chills mid-week

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Rain will be making a change to snowflakes this evening behind the first of a series of fronts sweeping the state.

For the rest of the evening, the temps fall fast. Slick spots will develop under foot and on untreated roads and walkways – be careful. At times a few flurries begin to mix in then later tonight scattered snow showers are possible.


Brace for the cold that is coming. The wind chill goes below zero before midnight but the bitterest of the cold is still to come. By daybreak Tuesday a wind chill of -5° to -15° is likely but the final front in the series will hit Tuesday night.

Wednesday through Thursday will produce a dreadful brand of cold with area “high” temperatures of as much as 30-degrees below normal. With temps below zero to start the day Wednesday and recovering little until later Thursday – a Wind Chill Warning has been issued. The WARNING will be in effect from 10 p.m. Tuesday through 1 pm Thursday.

Potentially, it will be the COLDEST AFTERNOON IN 23 YEARS Wednesday in Indianapolis. The forecast high of 2° would be coldest daytime “high” since 1996. Wednesday afternoon will run a full 30-degrees below normal and may even be a record low maximum temperature for the date. The record is 7° set January 30, 2004, 1966, and 1936.

Forecast wind chill temperatures could push as low as -35° to -40° early Wednesday into Wednesday afternoon. This is an extremely dangerous chill and I’m posting below the wind chill chart along with frostbite times below. Exposed to these kinds of temperatures, frost bite could set in, in just a matter of minutes.

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