Bitter cold backs off, snow chances also on the rise

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A temperature turnaround this afternoon thanks in part to the big storm off to our east. Sinking air overhead provides sunshine and warmer temperatures. Air vented from the winter storm in the southeast sinks, compresses and heats up over Indiana. Clouds cannot form and we’ve risen 30 to 40 degrees from early morning lows below zero.  At 4 PM Terre Haute was up 42° from this morning, Bloomington up 38° and Muncie up 37°. In the city up 29° First image below visible satellite – clears skies and it also reveals the extensive snow pack over the state, next the early morning lows and finally the high temperatures Wednesday afternoon.

Visible Sat


high today


Very rare with winter storm warnings stretching from Mississippi to Maine. Powerful/dangerous storm deepens and Nor’easter races up the seaboard. Most major east coast cities bracing for 6″ to 12″ snow, with 1″ ice accumulation further south. NWS super ensemble computer snowfall forecast has probability of 8″ snowfall over 60%.

NWS Snow

Winter Advisories


Does it seem like that pile of snow has been there for a long time? You’re right!  Wednesday morning nearly 60% of the nation was snow-covered and that snow on the ground in central Indiana has been there a long time, since the second day of the year.  Wednesday marked the 42 straight day with a trace of snow on the ground – only one day this year – New year’s day was snow free officially at the NWS office in Indianapolis.


Snow has been on the ground for 27 consecutive days – this ranks 9th all-time, the record 61 days set in 1978.


A stretch of 8 days now with 6” or more of snow on the ground ties 10th all-time with 1996 and 1978.  It is only the 12 time ever with this much snow on the ground for this long of a stretch.

Dog Days
Snow on the ground almost every day this year
U.S. Snow cover nearly 60%


2 “clipper” systems – fast-moving low pressures will deliver a shot of snow Friday and again Saturday night.  The first system could bring a strip of 1″ to 2″ snows to part of the state, mainly south of the city.   The second is forecast to arrive Saturday afternoon/evening with potentially a few inches of snow with it as well.  We will more know more on both systems later tonight and Thursday.

Early take on Friday snowfall


Milder air is coming next week as we severe ties briefly from polar jet stream.  High temperatures could crack the 50° by later next week.  Snow cover and the increases in rainfall will determine how warm we will get.  Stay tuned – only one day this years has reached 50° January 13th.  As of February 12th the average temperature for the month is 16.2° and for now is the coldest February ever on record.

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