Central Indiana is not stranger to the bitter cold and snow this time of year and tonight is not exception. A wind-chill advisory has been issued on potentially the coldest night of the year.


We opened the Tuesday with a temperature of 9-degrees in Indianapolis, the coldest in well over two weeks but many locations dipped to zero and below zero. While the ” snow hole” continues ( little to no snow has fallen in a portion of central Illinois to central Indiana this season) for the central portion of the state, there is snow on the ground up north and that will aid in the bitter cold temperatures expected early Wednesday. It already had an impact as the arctic air sweep across the snowfield that extends well into Canada. Early Tuesday lows dipped to below zero at Monticello and Flora and zero in Kokomo.

The snow on the ground will aid in lows to as much as -5° in north-central Indiana early Wednesday morning and we are expecting the temperature to drift to as low as 3° in Indianapolis, tying the coldest of the season.

Factors that play a large role in low temperatures forecasts during the winter are wind, sky conditions and snow depth. We have the clear skies so temperatures are falling quickly now after sunset but there is no snow on the ground and there will be a breeze. So how low will we go?

That breeze will impact actual air temperatures but will also make the air feel much more frigid, at times producing and wind-chill to as much as -20° by sunrise. The most bitter chills are expected north but area-wide the wind-chill will range from -10° to -20° by early Wednesday morning. a WIND CHILL ADVISORY has been issued and in effect through 11am Wednesday.


The first ever BLIZZARD WARNING for the entire state of Indiana was issued on this date 44 years ago at 3:45 pm. It is the anniversary of the worst winter storm on record for Indianapolis and for much of the state! I’ve added some photos of the storm from our friends at the Indy Star, still incredible to this day. If I recall, school was cancelled for at least a week! It was the WORST BLIZZARD ON RECORD to hit Indiana. UP TO 20 INCHES OF SNOW FELL IN THE CENTRAL AND SOUTH…WITH 40 INCHES IN THE NORTH. WIND GUSTS TO 55 MPH CAUSED 10 TO 20 FOOT DRIFTS AND WIND CHILLS AS LOW -50 /OLD WIND CHILL SCALE. A FEDERAL STATE OF EMERGENCY WAS DECLARED.

The snow is piled high on Pennsylvania north of 116th St. near Carmel. Until the thoroughfare was plowed it would have been impossible for even this four-wheel drive vehicle to get through. Jan, 29, 1978. Joe Young/The News
Abandoned trucks on Shadeland Ave. ramp during the blizzard. Jan. 27, 1978 Jim Kern/The Star
The only thing moving on Ohio St. during the blizzard of 1978 was a wind blown newspaper. Shot between Penn and Meridian. James Ramsey/The Star

More on the Blizzard of 1978 can be found below.